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From the likes of acclaimed Bollywood stars Manoj Bajpayee, Jim Sarbh, Divya Dutta, Kirti Kulhari to some of the most celebrated international names, Diorama Live presents to you a fun way to learn the craft by joining these celebrities on their journey of success and failures, and making it big in their respective fields!

Film Direction & Writing

Creating Mind Blowing Thrillers: Sriram Raghavan

Developing Documentary Film Projects

How to Make Good Scripts Great: Max Timm

Celebrating Failures and Learning from them | Satish Kaushik

Creating Mirzapur: A Writer’s Viewpoint

“World Cinema is about Telling True Stories”: Omung Kumar

This is how a seed of an idea turns itno a compelling Film Story: Amit Rai


My Social Responsibility as a Film Director | Madhur Bhandarkar

Finding the Right Actors is always a challenge – Mukesh Chabbra, Director & Casting Director

Film Direction 101: The Art and Craft of Filmmaking

Film Appreciation for Beginners: Do you watch films or study them?

Documentary Filmmaking: One of the most Exciting New Age Careers

Digital Filmmaking: This is how Films will be made in Future

Cinematography 101: Here’s how to get started in Bollywood


Remembering Rishi Kapoor ft. Dimple Kapadia

How to Decipher the Character in Acting: Manoj Bajpayee

From Delhi’s Theatre Group to Netflix’s Squid Game: Anupam Tripathi

Celebrating Failures and Learning from them | Satish Kaushik

Life as an Actor: Kirti Kulhari

An Actor lives between an Action and a Cut: Divya Dutta

Actors too look for Good Scripts: Vinay Pathak

Music & Production

Writing Great Lyrics: Prashant Ingole

This is how Oli Julian composes music for top films and shows

The Formula of Creating Superhit Music for Films

The Art of Voice Acting and Directing

Money Heist’s Sound Score: What Made it a Success?

Experimenting with Sound Design for Films

Careers in Podcast: A Contemporary Opportunity for Content Creators

How I Made it

What went behind creating Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Single Shot Filmmaking: Actors’ Take on the Filmmaking Approach

How I made my First Film

How I Made It: Short Filmmaking

How I Made It: International Indie Cinema

Creating Mirzapur: A Writer’s Viewpoint

Creating Bandish Bandits

Business of Film

The Viewpoint: Film Selection for International Festivals

The Rising Visibility of Documentaries

Shorts TV: The Global Home of Short Form Entertainment

Shooting in India: Opportunities and Challenges

How to Pitch to OTTs: Saurabh Vanzara

How to Find Funds for your Film?

Future of Film Markets with New-Age Content Marketplaces

2021 Winning Films

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