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An Indian Rural Montage


Rural India is a complex mix of festivals, rituals, cultural practices, local myths, stories and beliefs. The book ‘An Indian Rural Montage’ attempts to capture these hues and shades, with Nature as a predominant element across the narratives. All stories in the collection can be adapted into films but the most visually stimulating would be the first story in the collection- ‘Aravan & Pannagi’The two characters of Aravan and Pannagi in the story, can be equated to the mythological Uloopi and Iravan from the Mahabharata, whose stories have emerged as a part of folklore. As per one version of folklore Aravan was sacriced before the Mahabharata war to ensure the victory of the Pandavas. In this story, modern day Aravan resists all attempts to get sacrificed for his father’s wellbeing. Many of the other stories in the collection like ‘The song of the Minstrels’ talk about the Baul Singers of Bengal in the backdrop of the ‘Kenduli Mela’ and Jaidev’s Gita Govindam.{The success of the Kannada movie ‘Kantaara’ triggered the thought that a story with references from the mythology written by me in 2020 ‘Aravan & Pannagi’(in the Book- An Indian Rural Montage) could be adapted into a movie with a lot of visual appeal.}

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Title: An Indian Rural Montage

Author Bio: Dr. Deepa Nair is a Marketing Professor, residing at Navi Mumbai. Storytelling is a passionate pastime for her. In her fascinating academic journey, the one that she holds dear was her exposure to the world of literature during her graduation years in the great storyteller Rabindranath Tagore's University at Shantiniketan. This collection attempts to capture on one canvas, the riot of Indian rural colors and images that she had seen and heard.

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