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Beauty and the Vampires – One Girl Holds the Future of the Blood Empire


The elder brother, Lord Damian, is a shrewd, wicked, stoic and at the same time a very handsome and charming personality who prefers seclusion most of the time. He has never been in love nor does he intend to have romantic inclinations for anyone. He was brought up by his father, the Great Pure Blood Vampire who had always taught him to be cunning and powerful and devoid of any emotions. The younger brother of Lord Damian is Nicholas who had always disliked the extra attention given to his elder brother by their father. He is equally shrewd, handsome and manipulative as his elder brother but is very social and is very popular among the ladies. He thinks of himself to be equally capable of becoming the heir to the empire and revolts once he attains seventeen years of age. Not wanting a family dispute, Damian intervenes and proposes to hand over half the empire to his brother.This settles the matter and both the brothers go back to handling their kingdoms with no interference from each other or their father.However, after a few decades an unforeseen incident creates a permanent rift between the two lords and they swear never to meet each other again. The story begins with Nicholas experiencing a change of heart and deciding to write a letter of reconciliation to his brother and informing him of his friendly visit to his castle.Lord Damian is a bit surprised at his brother’s sudden change in stance and suspects him of having some hidden motive behind it. Meanwhile, we see that in a small town of Lord Damian’s Empire lives an ordinary human girl Mia, who is a seventeen year old damsel living with her Aunt Rose and her aunt’s seven year old daughter Alice. She helps her aunt in running her bakery called “Rose’s Bakers.” She is a very good cook but unfortunately a turn of fate compels her to work as an assistant to the owner of a human slaves’ shop where human females are sold to the vampires as pets. She is spotted there by the Royal Advisor to Lord Damian who learns of her exemplary culinary skills and offers her to be a royal cook. She accepts the offer and joins the staff at the castle.It is there that Damian sees her and a new journey begins. Meanwhile, Lord Nicholas visits Lord Damian and befriends Mia. His visit seems to be harmless and he even protects Mia from certain dangerous elements on one or two occasions. What happens next? This forms the crux of the story.

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Title: Beauty and the Vampires – One Girl Holds the Future of the Blood Empire

Author Bio: Sukriti Jaswal is a dreamer who lives her life daydreaming throughout the day. She doesn’t live permanently in one place and is constantly changing her abode. She has completed her MBA from a reputed college and is now working in the corporate sector. She is an avid reader and has been fond of stories, novels, and fables for as long as she can remember. The library is a treasure house for her with its books being the gems and jewels that she loves to plunder. She loves to write and entertain her readers. She writes purely for fun and considers it a great outlet for her creative imagination. If she doesn’t write, her restless mind sees to it that she does!

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