DIORAMA 2022 presents

Danger Danger, Will Rebeiro


Wilhelmino Ribeiro AKA Will relaxed in his antique rocking chair. He felt weary from all those village meetings regarding the trials and tribulations of the tribals in his little Goan village of Darkolem. The responsibility of safeguarding the slowly degrading environment and welfare of the feeble village rested on his feeble old shoulders. It was torture being the sarpanch (head) of the village, keeping it from being usurped by the greedy, thieving politicians who had their conniving eyes on the forested land of serene Darkolem and its numerous orchards and spice farms for their own personal gain. He had problems of his own, however. His son, Matthew was unemployed currently and seeking political favours, while his daughter, Guia, being the apple of papa’s eye was fast turning into a spoilt bratty high schooler.After a long day trying to deal with all this amounting stress and mental torture from the politicians’ threatening henchmen, Wilhelmino found solace only in his beloved volter (Konkani for rocking chair). It had been a gift from Matthew who was a sci-fi nut and rambled on about its unique ability to time travel, until his mother Fortissima/Forti rolled her eyes at him and asked him to lay off the ‘feni’ (a local Goan alcoholic beverage). Time machine or not, it was quite comfortable.

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Title: Danger Danger, Will Rebeiro

Author Bio: I'm Vidal D'costa. I'm from Goa and I'm currently pursuing my masters in media studies via distance learning at The New School. I've been passionate about writing since I was 15 and am a self-published author in sci-fi and romance on Amazon and other major platforms. I'm also a cinephile, a film journalist and film critic for The Movie Buff website and currently work as a freelance content writer. I've also written comedy sketches and short films for digital platforms (YouTube and Instagram) and someday hope to dip my toes into film and television production.

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