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Escape To The Galaxies


The trio, Halik, Jasnu and Yinniv, living on the exoplanet Sulok of the Triangulum galaxy, are close friends. Learning Earth is the origin of the human species, Halik feels unhappy when everybody calls it a Bitten Apple. So, he decides to go to Earth one day and make it a great planet again. He learns that his ancestors made Earth an uninhabitable planet by polluting its air, water bodies, landmasses and the space around it. They find ways to travel at FTL speeds to escape from Earth and settle on Mars and exoplanets. They take a lot of air, water and soil from Earth to Mars and the exoplanets. The loss of material results in the reduced mass of Earth and consequent drift away from the Sun Day by day. This drift poses a danger of Earth or its moon colliding with Mars in the near future. On receiving a complaint by the Martians, the Chief of the United Worlds of the Universe assigns Halik the task of saving Mars from the danger. The novel recounts many exciting stories while the trio learns more about Earth while preparing for their trip to Earth to save Mars.

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Title: Escape To The Galaxies

Author Bio: Vidyasagar Mundroy was born in 1962. He is a computer software professional. He holds a bachelor's degree from Osmania University and a post-graduation degree from IIT Kharagpur. Though he withdrew from active professional life a decade ago, he still works as a consultant. His interests include creative writing, reading, astrophotography, trekking and travelling. He authored a science fiction_Escape to the Galaxies._It was published by Notion Press in April 2021. Currently, he is writing its sequel_Mission: Save Mars. He lives in Bengaluru with his wife and son.

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