DIORAMA 2022 presents

Fish in Paneer Soup


A romantic idealist, Somashish Mukherjee, a.k.a Som, learns the first lesson of his life when he is spurned in love. Crestfallen, he leaves Kolkata and heads to Delhi in search of better luck. The capital holds many surprises in store for Som. He finds a job in a public relations firm and makes friends, only to lose everything in a sinister conspiracy. Like a fish pulled out of water and flung straight into hot soup, Som struggles for survival. He tries to get back what is rightfully his, including the love of his life. Will he succeed in this game of one-upmanship?

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Title: Fish in Paneer Soup

Author Bio: Deep Ghatak is a senior Corporate Communications and Change Management Professional. He is also an author, playwright and lyricist. His first novel, Fish in Paneer Soup, was first published in 2011 and went into reprint. Ticket to India is his second novel. Deep travels widely and lectures at various international academic institutions. He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and has a keen interest in applied psychology. He writes on globalisation and the amalgamation of popular cultures. He blogs extensively on LinkedIn and Typepad.

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