DIORAMA 2022 presents

Gold Haul


The president of a prosperous_country is faced with a financial problem to implement its welfare schemes. A young man is brought_up strangely by wild animals and holds the country’s economy at stake. Currency is based on gold reserves. The young man by chance finds Gold Haul in the form of threads woven by a special type of bird that could be found in this forest.

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Title: Gold Haul

Author Bio: Hailing from a farming family, Vadayar was a keen observer of agricultural activities. Of particular interest_to him was sericulture. A tiny worm less than the size of mustard seed develops into the length and thickness of a cigarette_in few days by feeding on mulberry leaves. Soon it starts to bring out a thread which is thinner than man's hair and weaves a shell around itself. Within_days the worm is enveloped in a small ball full of silk threads - a cocoon. Traders in the silk profession extract silk by boiling these cocoons in hot water.

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