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I Still Love You


Have you ever wondered: If you had a chance to go back to the past,what would you do? Would you like to pause it, change it, or delete it?Well, it’s complicated. You can’t decide, even in a million years. Haveyou ever wondered why? Because you can’t go back to the past. Youcan’t undo anything. You can’t rewind it, change it, erase it, delete it,or you can’t even forget it. Your past remains trapped in the past.The only thing you can do is to stop thinking about it and moveforward. But there’s always a time when we get tired of movingforward; we rest, and think to go back to the past. We think of thepossibilities of changing the past and enjoy the pain of knowing thatwe cannot change anything.�I Still Love You� is the story of a guy Armaan who meets with a girland immediately gets attracted to her. The girl shared comfort withhim but loved some other boy. He holds on to her until Ragini came tohis life and make him live his life to the fullest. As time goes by,Armaan is increasingly getting attached to the girl. Ragini got controlof his dreams and Armaan realized that she is the one to love. He getsin love with Ragini and loved her with his whole heart.Armaan confessed to her and Ragini loved Armaan eventually. Therecame the turning point when Armaan loved her too much and Raginican�t handle so much love. What happened next? Does Armaan get toachieve the love of his life? Read more to find out . . . .

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Title: I Still Love You

Author Bio: Naman Porwal is a Chartered Accountant from Indore. His journey as an author began with a slew of personal experiences that led him to pen down his thoughts as quotes inspired by real life. His first book, Feelings of Mind Connected to Heart (Over 10,000 Copies sold), was published when he was Seventeen years old. He believes that anyone can achieve anything through an equal balance of hard work and smart work.

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