DIORAMA 2022 presents

Kannal Kanpathu Poi


Nilavan, a fresh graduate, is travelling abroad to pursue higher studies. In his absence, his lover Jayashree has been forced to marry Anbazhagan, a wealthy businessman, who considers his uncle as his godfather and lives by his words. Knowing Jayshree�s previous love affair with Nilavan, Anbazhagan gets insecure and treats her badly without any love/respect. Nilavan returns back from studies and gets devastated on knowing her lover�s marriage and loses interest in life. Anbazhagan finds Nilavan and keeps him by his side by employing him in his company. In a shocking turn of events, Anbazhagan gets murdered by a man who looks like Nilavan, in the witness of his wife Jayashree and their maid. As Nilavan gets convicted, he manages to escape from custody. Kathiravan, a private detective and Nilavan�s identical twin brother, sets out an investigation to prove his brother�s innocence along with his associate and love interest, Kavitha. In this journey, he comes across five more individuals who look just like the twins: Vasigaran- innocent orphan, Kesavan -a nomad, Mugilan-a doctor, Sukiran � gangster and Neelan – social activist. All seven lookalikes get tangled in this murder mystery and the story ends with Kathiravan revealing the real murderer.

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Title: Kannal Kanpathu Poi

Author Bio: Adoor R. Venkatesan, author based of Chidambaram, serviced as an Accountant in Arulmigu Thillaikaaliamman temple for over a period of 34 years. He has been much interested in reading novels and stories from childhood and influenced by it, started writing novels and short stories of fictional and non-fictional. He wrote novels named �Kannal Kaanbadhu Poi� in 2014 and �Arultharuvaal Thillailkaali� in 2016 and circulated them among friends and relatives on his own.

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