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Life Has A Song For Everyone


Arvind Das, a jovial, friendly, wise and kind-hearted budding IT engineer (20) in Fosters College of Engineering Amravati falls in love with a DSY (Direct Second Year) girl on the first day of his second year. Sonali Mishra, a studious, confident yet confused DSY (20) notices the dainty attempts of Arvind to instantiate a friendship. After witnessing his unusual behavior, she decides to confront him that nothing can happen between them. But in that meet, Arvind changes her perspective about love and makes her realize that what she had with a boy, her Polytechnic crush, wasn�t love. Arvind reveals his learnings as what love means to him and presents a crazy relationship proposal. After taking a day and some help from her Mother, Sonali decides to become friends first and if that goes well, then something serious out of it. Arvind agrees. During their days of friendship, they grow closer by spending a lot of time together in the library, weekend dinner plans and short tours along with Karan and Badri, roommates and friends of Arvind. Meanwhile, Sonali learns about his emotional tantrums that he faces when someone mentions his parents or the way they died.

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Title: Life Has A Song For Everyone

Author Bio: IT engineer by mind, but a writer by heart, Mayur Madhekar has written this novel at the age of 20. Apart from his immense affection towards music, he loves to write poems and enjoys cruising on the untraveled roads of the city or of life. Trees and solitude are the things he adores the most. When not involved in work, he tunes his guitar and sails in the sea of melody. He also loves to try new things which may range from performing magic tricks to learning the art of dancing. In every scene of life, he holds a firm belief in Life and its methods to transform every individual into his best form. Through his personal life experiences, he has learned to value happiness and sadness the same.

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