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Me, My Mother and Her Cancer


This is the story of my MOTHER who fought with Breast Cancer. Where at one end she was battling with the uncalled-for ailment, a volley of experiences, challenges and gruelling moments snaked that could be nothing less than a nightmare for anyone. Besides, there were lots of ups and downs and the learnings for life. There were many moments where I found myself under the dark clouds. There were many instances where I and my family were enveloped in the urge to give-up. There were many occasions, when I did not get appropriate information and faced challenges. That was the time when I decided to write all such experiences so that these could help everyone in the future. Cancer is a disease with a mounting number of cases day by day, if I follow the statistics. The questions that I had, the answers that I was looking for and the challenges which we faced, this book shines the torch on all such aspects. I have unfolded my feelings which I had during that time. I have shared the kind of thoughts that surfaced in my mind during that phase. A compound of my overall challenge, questions and condition has come out in the form of this book. Though that time was really hard but it taught me a lot. It was the time when I understood the meaning of the relationship, the time which spotlighted the beautiful relationship between a son and the Mother. I know we all love our parents, especially our Mother. I feel amused when someone says that his or her Mother is nothing less than a friend. However, when we get busy with our career and family chores, the love for Mother usually takes a back seat. There could be times when we might feel like sitting beside our Mother or giving her a tight hug to thank her for her sheltered love but still something holds us back, maybe our guilt. And then one day she takes an exit from this world with the empty yet heavy vessel yet to be filled with unwavering love and care. As time passes by, we find ourselves enveloped in the grudge for not expressing our love when there was time. We earnestly want the time to switch to a back gear but that is all we could wish as they say ‘time and tide wait for none’. However, there are a few fortunate ones who get a wakeup call on time. And I can tag myself as one among those lucky ones. I dedicate this book to all the resilient people who have made their way from a dark tunnel to joyous life and also to the ones who are still tangled in the jaws of tough times. After reading this book, you will discover a new dimension of life and you will actually start to live.

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Title: Me, My Mother and Her Cancer

Author Bio: I am a software engineer and management graduate from NMIMS Mumbai. I have worked in renowned IT companies for around a decade. While cruising through the peaks and valleys of my life, I was introduced to the inner story-teller that was earlier lying dormant within myself. During the course of life, an incident surfaced that proved to be a life-changing experience for me. Therefore, I decided to share my encounters with life by authoring this book and educate everyone about the process of cancer treatment. Besides, my prime objective is to convey a message to every son and daughter that your Parents were, are and will always be the best friend in your life. A realization for today is better than a repent for tomorrow!  

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