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Missing – Until I Find You One Day


The story starts off, as 15-year-old Annabeth sets off on her bicycle into town one. The fresh air makes her want to do something that any parent wouldn’t normally encourage, go off alone into a large forest. She wanders around to find a huge tree with a tree house in it and the creepiest part is to find a bunch of dolls hanging from it.As she takes a step forward to look closely, someone stops her and this is where the second lead enters, 15-year-old Stanley is a quiet guy, the opposite of loud and outgoing Ana.As she spends the rest of the day with him, she finds out how kids go missing in this town. They decide to meet up the next day in the library. Stan shows Ana a newspaper clipping from ’97 of the news of a 5-year-old girl, Evelyn Samuels, who has gone missing and hasn’t been found yet. This troubles Ana a lot since the girl reminds her of her younger sister, Caroline, who she loves a lot. He then shows her how since ’99 to 2017 kids have gone missing. 27 kids totally and the only common thing being is the age. This baffles Ana since she has been in this town for over 10 years. Stan explains how the news in the town is either morphed into another or completely gets hidden.

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Title: Missing – Until I Find You One Day

Author Bio: Dr. Nivedha Srinivasan, born in India, brought up in Muscat, Oman, right from young loved to read and watch the words come to life. From 8th_grade to final year of MBBS, books have always_been with her, be it fiction or medical ones. Nivedha is hardworking, sincere and her love for multiple extracurricular activities has always made her stand out wherever she went. In her hope to show the world that one can always follow their passion regardless of the path chosen, she shares her first attempt_by writing this fiction story with the aim to entertain the readers and maybe inspire a few.

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