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My Perfect Gentleman!


My Perfect Gentleman is a love story of two IT professionals, Tanvi and Aashrith. Tanvi is a software application design freelancer with an ambition to start her own design company one day. Aashrith is the CEO of Digi-Tales India Private Limited, a digital analytics company. Tanvi’s parents die in an accident. She then decides to go for a change of place to heal the pain. At the same time, Aashrith is looking for a manager to manage his farmhouse. She takes up the job as Aashrith’s farmhouse manager.She impresses Aashrith with her dedication to the work and being a great support to hismission to distribute the farmhouse produce of vegetables and fruits to orphanages. Unable to resist his attraction towardsTanvi, Aashrith proposes to her to be together and know each other. Tanvi accepts his proposal but soon feels that this distraction might deviate her from the goal of establishing a design company. She suddenly disappears, promising to come back once she achieves her goal.Meanwhile, she gives birth to Veda, Aashrith’s child. Though she achieves her goal, she doesn’t dare to come back as she thinks that having the child might force Aashrith to marry her instead of love being the reason. She knows that she needs to confess the truth to Veda and Aashrith one day. But she thinks is not ready yet.What happens when they both accidentally meet?

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Title: My Perfect Gentleman!

Author Bio: Padmaja Nawin is an IT professional with 18 years of experience, wife of an IT geek, and mother of a 13-year-old boy.She enjoys reading fiction and is addicted to her kindle. She likes stories that spread good values and happiness and believe that they radiate positivity and build hope. Her mother encouraged her to read books from her childhood.Cooking, shopping, and Netflix are her stress busters. Sweet love stories and family dramas are her genres of movies.

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