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“After an excellent preparation, one day, Danny (45) kidnaps Noida-based expert transplant surgeon Dr. Malhotra’s wife and two children. Dr. Malhotra (55) is a middle-class family-oriented person. In exchange of Malhotra family, Danny demands that Dr. Malhotra must kill five people and remove their organs surgically. Dr. Malhotra obeys Danny’s demand for the sake of his family. Underperformer probationary constable Seema Rao (21) requests her senior to give her a chance. Seema gets on the Team NOMOC (New Okhla Missing Organ Case). This is her chance to prove herself and get rid of ‘underperformer’ tag. She tries hard to solve the case but success seems afar. She feels defeated. Meanwhile, the hostage trio escapes and come home safe. Dr. Malhotra convinces the trio not to involve police else he would be jailed and hanged. After burning midnight’s oil, Seema catches Danny. He confesses and names Dr. Malhotra. Police arrests Malhotra but he bribes the senior police officers and escapes the charges. Seema feels defeated again. Danny breaks the police lock up. When Seema raids Danny’s house and interviews his neighbors, she finds the motive behind Danny’s getting Dr. Malhotra kill those five innocent people and remove their organs.”

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Author Bio: Chaitanya Vyas holds more than fifteen years of publication, research, and teaching experience. He has authored two novels, two novellas, an anthology of short stories, three academic books, fourteen research papers, three feature screenplays, and four short film screenplays. His screenplays have made it to the screenwriting contests such as Chicago Script Awards, BLASTOFF, Page Turner, Let's Make It!, The Wiki Screenplay Contest, and to Košice International Film Festival. At present, he is working on his next novel and a screenplay. He has been a founding member of the Asia Pacific Writers & Translators Association. He lives in Ahmedabad, India.

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