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Those Forgotten People


The young Chief of National Marketing remembered boarding a passenger boat to return from asuccessful corporate meeting on a coral island resort. And then hewoke up to find himself floating in his life jacket,being slapped by wave after wave and finally floatingonto abeach that led to an island of several green forests that climbed the many hills.Feverish, debilitated, with aparched throat, he was fortunately discovered by certain civilized citizens who carried him to an exquisitely maintained Royal Palace, where he was treated, until he recovered.He woke up and called out for his attendant, but nobody responded. Flabbergasted, hediscovered that the Palace including his bedroom was dilapidated. The marble floor was caked with dry dust of several years. The reconnaissanceof several locked rooms, the bat infested kitchen and store rooms, made him realize that it had obviouslybeen unused for overfifty years or more. And devoid of any civilized living soul!He stumbled upon the treasure hoard consistingof Gold Bars, Diamond Necklaces, Ruby and Pearl Necklaces, pure gold thrones for Kings and Queens and so much more.

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Title: Those Forgotten People

Author Bio: Aniruddfha Roy Choudhury has been the Proprietor of ONI ENTERPRISES, one of India�s oldest Recruitment Consultancy . Over these past twenty five years as a proprietor, he has been meeting and getting the opportunity to study several individuals at the senior level, mid level and junior levels.He has realized that every individual�s past, is a story that, if well told,has the potential to be a best seller. Through the eyes of his candidates, he has been able to experience growth, trust, lady luck, hard work bearing fruit, leadership qualities that juniors learned to trust, wealth, and marriage. At the same time, he hasmet several candidates through whom the author has come to experience failures, misconceptions, misunderstandings, mistrust, animosity, anxiety, desperation and divorce.

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