DIORAMA 2022 presents

Universal War – The New World


UW takes off with the release of an all-powerful being kept in prison for over 2 millennia. This event starts a rift around the universe and finds its way to earth. A peaceful human planet, unknown to the outside universe, gets invaded and leads a mere human on a path of adventure. Little does he know how his life is going to change after that. Things are never as they seem and Zunzar gets abducted by mysterious aliens and ends up in hell. On the other hand, his disappearance from earth creates another rift on earth. And soon enough all these rifts in their life, line up together to find their way back to each other ready for an unknown adventure across the universe.

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Title: Universal War – The New World

Author Bio: Zunzar Temurde is an aspiring writer at the age of 22, who likes to go by the name �Zunzar�. He is currently pursuing an MBA from ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad. He is a bit shy and introverted, but once he is comfortable, he can make even the extroverts shy away. He was in a typical Indian middle-class household. Mostly living his life by his mother�s side has made him look at the world in his own way. He doesn�t have a huge friend circle but has close people around him whom cherishes.

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