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When God Played Football


My book is a first-person narrative starting off with my death and entry into another world – Heaven. The first chapters concentrate on this new transition and getting acquainted with the Heavenly Ways. Following chapters concentrate on my experiences of Heaven and interactions with God and other Heavenly beings which leads me to understand the essence of our life on earth – our relationship with God and our fellow Human Beings. There are various quotes from the Bible. The book ends with the culmination of a new earth and on a very positive note. I understand this sounds very serious and feels like heavy reading but believe me I have put in a lot of humor so it sounds less divine and more human. Hence, I have named my book “When God played Football”

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Title: When God Played Football

Author Bio: Rose Samson lives with her husband and two daughters in the USA, in the state of Illinois.  She loves reading works of fiction and has developed a love for writing over the past few years.  She enjoys listening to music.  She is a lover of nature and sports has always been close to her heart.  Whenever time permits, she grabs the opportunity of playing a game of badminton, table tennis and lawn tennis with her family and friends.

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